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A week full of chess!

When does the next round start in the World Championship? Which Grandmaster will be commentating Linares? Will there be another training course with Karsten Müller, Daniel King or Michael Richter? When will the next official blitz tournament or simultaneous exhibition be starting? You can find everything you need to know for the week to come right here!

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Tue 22.09
5:00 PM

The Weekly Show

Lawrence Trent

8:00 PM

1+0 Bullet tournament

Wed 23.09
6:00 PM

The Game of the Week

Merijn van Delft

8:20 PM

5+0 Fast blitz

Thu 24.09
5:00 PM

The fast and the furious

Robert Ris

10:15 PM

3+0 Blitz tournament

Fri 25.09
4:00 PM

Power Play Show

Daniel King

8:20 PM

5+0 Blitz tournament

Sat 26.09
Sun 27.09
8:20 PM

5+2 Blitz tournament

Mon 28.09
5:00 PM

Simon Says

Simon Williams

8:20 PM

5+0 Blitz tournament