Embed Diagrams

Interactive Diagrams in your Chess Web Site

How to do it:

You can embed diagrams right into your html code like this:
The attribute data-pos describes the position. You can either type it manually or copy it from ChessBase or Fritz in the position setup dialog box.

Further data-attributes:

  • Title: data-title="A Typical Sacrifice."
  • Hints: data-hint="Sacrifice in a way that blocks escape squares of the black king."
  • Solutions: data-solution="f3g5"
  • Arrows: data-arrows="c1g5,g5f6"
  • Square markers: data-squares="f7,g7,h7"
  • Moves: data-moves="1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5" (use this instead of data-pos)
  • Play the position: data-play="1000", where the number is the thinking time of the internal engine in milli seconds.

Additionally, you have to add the following three lines to the <head> section of your html code:
The "jQuery" file in the second line is not needed if you have it already in your web page (quite common). jQuery version 1.12 is sufficient.
You can use the same plugin to embed a replayer for PGN games.

More Tools to Embed

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