Embed Blitz Chess

Get Your Own Chess Server

Meet your friends in your own chess server. It is easy. It is free. Just put a link like this on your web page:

https://play.chessbase.com?room=Queenstown Chess Club

Where the text after ?room= is the name of your chess club or community.

Now by clicking the link you will visit your private chess server as guest. If you would like to chat with your friends, just create a named account. It is free.

If you own Fritz or ChessBase, you will find your own room in the server at the bottom of the room list under "Club Web Rooms".

Note: Your web page containing the link will be shown as info page together with your room in Fritz. An opportunity to advertise for your club.

Once the room is there, you can also click here to launch Fritz or the Playchess.com software to visit your private chess server. This works with all recent ChessBase programs.

Hint: You can set additional parameters when opening your own room:

  • An text invitation: Use the parameter "roomtext".
  • Your own logo. Supply the url with the parameter "pic"
Here is an example link for both: https://play.chessbase.com?room=Queenstown Chess Club with room text and logo.


Playing Blitz Directly In Your Web Site

You can also embed a chess board directly in your own web page, using an iframe.

Copy this code and paste it into your own html. Change width and height to your liking.

More Tools to Embed

Tactics Solve easy tactical positions. Thousands of positions available. Your visitors will stay a lot longer when solving positions. Example and Code
Live Blitz Chess Kibitz a strong blitz game currently played on playchess.com. Nice entertainment. Longer visitor duration for you. Example and Code
Your own chess server Visitors of your site can play blitz games with one click. No need to leave your page. Will increase visitor duration a lot. Example and Code
Chess Program Fritz Let people play against a chess program with the strength of an average club player. Entertaining games, no frustration by unbeatable engines or artificial handicaps. Will your visitors in your site and let them return. Example and Code
PGN Files Let your viewers replay chess games in PGN format. Comfortable player with integrated chess engine and annotation functions. Example and Code
Live Chess Tournaments Follow grandmaster games currently being played in real tournaments. Broadcast specific tournaments. Example and Code
Diagrams Show your chess content with interactive diagrams. Users can enter and replay moves or even play out positions against a chess program. This will enrich the user experience of your site. Example and Code